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Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Am I in the CUBE delivery and service area?

  2. What size CUBEs are available?

  3. Is there a storage weight limit?

  4. What are CUBE containers made of?

  5. Are CUBE containers affected by weather conditions?

  6. When can I get a CUBE delivered?

  7. How much clearance area do I need on my property for the CUBE to fit?

  8. Why use CUBE storage instead of a warehouse self-storage facility?

  9. What if I do not have space on my property for the CUBE unit? Does CUBE offer warehouse storage?

  10. How do I get pricing?

  11. How is pricing determined?

  12. How do I pay?

  13. What is the delivery process like?

  14. Where should my CUBE container be placed?

  15. Can I move my CUBE after delivery?

  16. What if I am moving to a new address?

  17. How do I lock CUBE containers?

  18. Are CUBE’s roll-top doors easy to use?

  19. Will the weight of CUBE containers damage my property?

  20. Do I need to insure my belongings while stored in the CUBE?

  21. How do I find out if there are local regulations or permits needed in my area?

  22. What do I do when I am finished with my CUBE?

  23. What if the CUBE gets damaged on my property?
  1. Click here to view the zones and determine whether or not your town is included. CUBE is currently servicing Southern New England.

  2. 8 x 8 x 8 | 8 x 12 x 8 | 8 x 16 x 8.

  3. 3 ton limit

  4. Framing (sides, base, and roof) is made of galvanize steel, welded together and waterproofed sealed along seams. Siding is a three layer construction of aluminum panels with .5 inch wood panel lining to prevent mold from growing on the inside of the CUBE. The interior flooring of the CUBE is made with wood in order to absorb moisture and provide a safe walking surface. Roof consists of fused heavy plastic, ¼” thick, able to withstand heavy snow load and is reinforced with criss cross steel struct beams.

  5. Any CUBE stored outdoors is vulnerable to New England’s climate changes all year round. This was taken into consideration as the CUBE were being designed and constructed, locally in NH. Made in NE for New England.

  6. Upon deposit, the CUBE will be delivered to the site within 24 hours. Delivery and pick up of CUBES are available Monday-Saturday between the hours of 8am – 5pm.

  7. CUBE recommends including an additional 2-4 feet as a buffer zone around the CUBE. For the front, leave at least 4 feet to allow for easy access.

  8. Convenience of having access to the CUBE right on the premises of your home or business. No chance of damage to your stored goods during transit.

  9. CUBE does not currently offer off-site storage. In time CUBE will provide this service. Stay posted.

  10. Contact a CUBE specialist at 978-694-1450.

  11. Delivery Zone, size, and length of time. Will prorate the monthly price if needed.

  12. Payments to be made via check.

  13. The CUBEs are delivered by our professional uniform drivers. The physical storage site will be determined by the customer together with the CUBE delivery professional. The CUBE delivery professional are not allowed to move any personal property in and out of the CUBE. If there is a Snow Ban in place, CUBE will not deliver.
  14. The storage site should allow for easy access and will not be at risk for damage (i.e. winter snow plows). If snow is on the ground, the storage site must be cleared by customer prior to delivery of the CUBE. There will be an additional fee is the site is not cleared in time.

  15. Customers are not permitted to relocate the CUBE at any time. If the CUBE needs to be moved to another storage site, on or off the property, there will be a fee. Ask an associate for assistance and pricing.

  16. Call or email a CUBE rep. to make arrangements. There will be a fee for relocating the CUBE to a new address. The CUBE can remain full and does not have to be emptied before moving.

  17. Padlocks are the ideal locking mechanism. Padlocks are to be supplied on your own.

  18. The roll-top doors are designed withstand heavy usage and are easy to lift and close with little to no tension.

  19. There will be no permanent damage to your property. Hard surfaces are ideal. Grassy area are permissible but indentations will occur from the CUBE and the fork lift.

  20. Most homeowner’s policies will insure the stored goods within the property limits. It would be a good idea to get a supplemental policy that specifically insures the stored belongings. Such a policy is the responsibility of the customer. CUBE does not cover the loss or damage of goods stored within the container.

  21. CUBE representatives will inform you of any regulation that we are aware of. If we do not have information for your area, a quick Internet search on the city website or call to your town hall offices should provide you the necessary information.

  22. Call or email to arrange for a pick up. The CUBE must be entirely emptied prior to pick up.

  23. The terms and conditions state that the customer is liable for any physical damage to CUBE containers. The CUBEs will be thoroughly inspected before delivery and before it leaves the customer’s property.
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